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Training and certifications

Last updated: 2022-05-23

We have plenty of resources available at Infinity Works that can aid you in becoming certified, learn a programming language, or a cloud provider toolkit you want to know more about.

General training resources

A Cloud Guru

You can find details on how to get access to A Cloud Guru here.

A Cloud Guru provides hands on labs for AWS, GCP and Azure where you can learn how to use the various services offered by the different cloud providers. You also get access to sandbox environments for AWS, GCP and Azure where you can experiment an play around in a safe environment.


As part of Accenture, you get access to Percipio, a platform for learning which cover a variety of interesting technical subjects.


You can request Pluralsight access by enrolling on the course via MyLearning here.

Pluralsight offers a variety of video training courses for software developers, IT administrators, and creative professionals through its website.

Specific training resources


Join the #aws Slack channel, should you need to ask for any AWS advice.

You can find our process for AWS training here.


Join the #azure Slack channel, should you need to ask for any Azure advice.

In order to up-skill in Azure at Infinity Works, it is recommended to utilise some of the Accenture learning resources available to pick up different tooling elements in Azure. You can find these resources on myLearning.

  • After following the above link, search for 'Azure'.
  • You can make use of our ACloudGuru sandbox for Azure. These are free to use and give you access to a clean Azure environment for 4 hours, allowing you to trial various services.


Join the #gcp Slack channel, should you need to ask for any GCP advice.

You can find self-paced learning from Google QwikLabs here.

The GCP Confluence page contains information which will help with passing the GCP Associate Cloud Engineer exam, as well as information and flashcards showing the different services on offer in GCP, should you be placed with a client utilising GCP or are looking to complete a certification.


Join the #snowflake Slack channel, should you need to ask for any Snowflake advice.

The Snowflake Confluence page contains resources on how to follow the different Snowflake certification paths.

Learn Snowflake from scratch with our 101 repos.