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Trello board

The Green Room Trello boards are used to organise and plan various Green Room tasks. The Trello boards should be covered as part of your regular stand-ups. There are two Trello boards to be aware of:

Work request board

This board contains all of the requests for work that have come into The Green Room. The tickets will have a brief description of what the request is and the main contact(s).

Creating tickets

Ensure that a new ticket:

  • Ticket has a main contact/s.
  • Ticket has a brief description about what the work request is.
  • Place the ticket in the most appropriate column.

Picking up tickets

There are many columns used to categorise the available work and also an elaborated column to show that someone has already looked at the ticket and elaborated it.

  1. Look through the various columns (excluding the elaborated column) for a piece of work you would like to elaborate.
  2. If you find something you would like to elaborate then assign yourself to the ticket. Multiple people can work on elaborating the same ticket.
  3. Read the description on the ticket and, if needed, set up a call with the main contact(s) and make sure you understand what the actual work request is.
  4. Once you're happy that you know what the work request is, you can create ticket(s) on the tracking board. These tickets on the tracking board need to have a clear definition of done so anyone can pick them up.
  5. Once the ticket/tickets have been created on the tracking board, you can move them to the elaborated column on the work request board.

Tracking board

This board is used to track the progress of work in The Green Room. These tickets are small pieces of work which have a clear definition of done. This shows everyone in The Green Room who is working on what projects so they can get involved if they want to.

Creating tickets

When creating new tickets, ensure that:

  • Tickets need to have a definition of done.
  • Tickets that are from the same work request should have a matching label.
  • Add a link to the original ticket on the work request board.

Picking up tickets

You can either pick up new work, or help out with work which is already ongoing.

When picking up new work:

  1. Look in the 'To do' column and find a ticket for a piece of work which interests you.
  2. Assign yourself to that ticket.
  3. Move the ticket to the relevant column as you move through the work.
  4. Move it to done when completed.

Helping out with an ongoing ticket:

If you see a ticket that someone else is working on that interests you, reach out to them to see if you can help out. If you are able to help, assign yourself to the ticket.

General rules

If you're working on a ticket when you leave The Green Room, you need to either pass the ticket over or make sure someone else has context on it. Failing that, you need to put a comment on the ticket explaining where you got to.

Examples of previous Green Room work

Below are a few of the exciting projects that Infinity Works colleagues have either worked on or are currently working on whilst in The Green Room. If you are placed in The Green Room, this is the kind of impactful, positive change you can be a part of at IW.

  • Data Pulse: We built a proof of concept of a user journey to secure funding for onward development, working in collaboration with colleagues from Mudano (another Accenture acquisition). This project was built using React with Typescript.
  • Recognition System: Designing and implementing an internal recognition system using badges to signify roles and responsibilities people have in addition to their primary role.
  • Robotics Hack: A robotics and automation group has been looking into using machine learning to monitor office supplies, starting with monitoring beer levels in the fridge. This will be achieved using a Raspberry Pi and infrared cameras.
  • Mental health helpers: We built a Slack bot to help colleagues easily connect with a mental health champion when they need to, using Typescript/Node.js and GCP. Also created a "take a break" app to periodically remind you to take a break away from your screen, using AWS Lambda and the Slack API.

Slack channel

Whilst in The Green Room, #the_green_room is a great place to get updates on The Green Room and its various initiatives, to ask for assistance you may need from other Green Room members or to post anything that you feel may be interesting. The Slack channel is the best place for you as a Greener to get regular updates on upcoming Green Room activities, cool tasks and to have a fun time with your fellow Greeners!

Green Room stand-up

Each Friday at 13:20-14:00, the main Green Room stand-up takes place facilitated by the Green Room Lead. The stand-up consists of updates from The Green Room as a whole and gives all Greeners a chance to share anything they think will benefit or interest the wider Green Room.


Owing to the nature of consultancy and the growing size of Infinity Works, The Green Room at any one time can be home to a large number of consultants. With this in mind, The Green Room is comprised of multiple Tribes. These Tribes contain a group of Greeners (between 7-10), helping us to organise The Green Room more effectively and allow stand-ups in The Green Room to not become too long.

Tribe Ceremonies

Each tribe should have two weekly stand-ups (in addition to the main Green Room stand-up meeting). These are usually scheduled on Mondays and Wednesdays at 13:20-14:00, but this is at the discretion of the Tribe Leader's schedule and those of the tribe members, as it's important to find a solution that fits everyone.

These meetings are more of a regular stand-up ceremony where all members of The Green Room tribe give a brief update on what they are currently working on, and where people can ask questions within the tribe to make life in The Green Room more comfortable for all tribe members.

Becoming a Green Room Tribe Lead

Greeners also have the option of becoming a Tribe Lead. As the population of The Green Room is relatively fluid, the option to become a Tribe Lead is open to all Greeners and may be something to consider if you have been in The Green Room for a number of weeks, or if you want to run your own tribe.


The main responsibilities of a Tribe Lead are:

  • Facilitate stand-ups for your tribe: These should ideally take place twice a week in order to maintain your tribe.
  • Manage the onboarding of new members: Whenever your tribe gains a new member, you should hold an onboarding catch-up session with them to introduce them to The Green Room, show them the ropes, and give them ideas on how they can contribute while in The Green Room.
  • Support the Green Room Lead: You should attend a weekly catch-up to discuss how your tribe is doing and help improve The Green Room.


As a Tribe Lead, you have the power to generate a strong community feeling amongst Green Room members whilst they are working on non-billable work or self-improvement tasks. You are the main person your tribe will catch-up with every week and as a result your contribution is vital to them.