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Engagement and lifecycle

This page contains some common topics that should be taken into consideration whilst you are at Infinity Works. It is designed to help with everyday elements of life at Infinity Works, whether you are placed on a client or in the Green Room.

The skills matrix

At Infinity Works, we have a vast array of projects ongoing at any one time. With this in mind, it is important that we have a centralised location to store our collective skills so we can assign the right consultants to the right projects for them. The skills matrix allows us to collate the skills of our consultants to this end, it is important to keep your skills up to date within these sources to ensure you can be best utilised at IW.

There are currently a few locations to store your skills at Infinity Works/Accenture.

Logging movements or whereabouts

Logging annual leave

The location/s where you should regularly log your annual leave depend on whether you are currently placed on a client site or in the Green Room.

  • If you are on a client project, all annual leave should be approved by your Account Lead.
  • All annual leave, whether you are in the Green Room or on a client project, should always be recorded as annual leave on our myTE timesheets.

Completing timesheets and claiming expenses

  • You can complete your timesheets and claim expenses from myTE.
  • The tabs on that page allow you to switch between daily timesheets and expense claims for different items purchased for Accenture purposes, e.g. training, books, travel, and accommodation.