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What is the Green Room?

The Green Room is a space for Infinity Works colleagues who are not assigned to client projects. It is a structured environment that allows participants to raise problems and concerns, as well as collaborate on interesting activities that are meaningful to them and add value to Infinity Works.

Joining the Green Room

When you're not actively involved in an account, you'll join #the_green_room Slack channel. Once you've joined, you will be assigned into a regional group and sent a small form to fill in. You'll also be added to a Slack channel for that particular regional group along with invites to stand ups and an optional Friday social catch-up. Should you start working on an interesting task or take on a responsibility close to your heart while in the Green Room, you're under no pressure to continue once placed on a client account.

What are the aims of the Green Room?

  • Bringing new starters into the fold

    • When there is no immediate client opportunity or a decision is in flux.
    • Welcoming new team members and networking.
  • Making your off-client time valuable

    • Ensuring you're involved in useful off-client projects and training.
    • Adding value to your career, as well as value to IW.
  • Fostering networking and collaboration

    • Meeting new colleagues across offices.
    • Working together on shared goals, training and interests.

Becoming a greener

  • Join #the_green_room on Slack.
  • Collaborate on Green Room Jira Board.
    • Activities, working groups and training options.
    • Find SME support, interesting challenges and certifications.
  • Twice weekly catch-ups
    • Greeners get together twice a week to review activities.
    • A chance to make suggestions, ask questions and network.
    • Ability to demo work, peer review and ask for feedback.