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Full-Stack Academy


The Full-Stack Academy programme is a 12, 9 or 7 week course designed to take people from all backgrounds and with beginner-level programming skills, and help them to start a career at Accenture as a consultant software engineer.

The delivery length depends on the audience - internally, it is currently seven across School Of Tech / Accenture, and for many clients, it is 12 weeks. The shorter the delivery, the higher the technical entry requirements.

The programme is run by the Academy team and is delivered in-house. Academites are employees from the day they start the Academy; our recruitment and assessment process allows us to spot great people with the ability and enthusiasm to do well and bring value to the company. As such, they should be a full-time team member and earn a salary from their first day, not at the end of their training.

The Academy allows us to continue growing as a company, helps us support people from all backgrounds to start a tech career, and effectively instils the Next Generation Engineering values. If you would like more details about the Academy in general, please speak to any of the Academy team members.

Programme Goals

As an over-arching goal, the programme aims to help Academites take on the role of an entry-level software engineer, as described in our engineer role guide. We also aim to help give them the skills to become an effective consultant.

Programme structure

The 12, 9 or 7-week course is split into two halves:

  • Foundations & mini-project: introducing JavaScript programming, simple data storage and basic application design from the ground up. This also includes introducing the learners to associated professional programming practices such as version control, unit testing, using IDEs and the Unix shell. Most of the time is spent delivering taught sessions and guided workshops, teaching learners the skills and concepts, and practising these through exercises.
    • In parallel, on the 12-week course, the learners apply these new skills and knowledge to a mini-project, a simple UI application that they build individually, progressing incrementally over the six weeks. This helps them both solidify and apply learnings and builds confidence in what they can achieve.
  • Advanced Concepts & Final Project: building on the core skills learnt in the first half, the lessons now move on to focus more specifically on engineering technologies, techniques and tools, together with agile delivery and cloud infrastructure. Concepts such as web-scale applications, security and cloud hosting are introduced with CI/CD. These concepts are delivered via taught sessions, but more time in the second half is also dedicated to working together in teams on a final team project with a shared codebase per team. The project builds up a more advanced and scalable web application hosted in AWS. More focus is also placed on consultancy skills within the second half of the course, aiming to help the Academites become consultants and not solely software engineers.

Post-programme support

After completing the programme, Academites join client teams as Associate Consultants. Ongoing support comes in many forms, but especially from their People Lead and for NGE staff an Associate Career Mentor.

Interested in joining Next Generation Engineering or the wider Accenture?

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