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This document explains the role of the School Of Tech (SoT) in Accenture and Next Generation Engineering (NGE).

See also Lead Academy Instructor role (Technical) and Lead Academy Instructor role (Product).

What is the School Of Tech?

The School Of Tech Futures, to give its full name, or SoT, is an Accenture-wide initiative to provide our new starters with fantastic upskilling at the start of their careers.

When Accenture acquired the then Infinity Works (IW), the Neil Jennings Academy or Academy was a vital part of this. We worked closely to create the SoT Full Stack Engineer course based on the then IW Neil Jennings Academy.

The full original name in Infinity Works was the Neil Jennings Academy - he was the first permanent employee of that company back in the day and was dedicated to growing our people. So, if you hear that name about, this is what had grown out of those early endeavours.

Now that Infinity Works, REPL and Accenture Software have merged to create the industry-leading Next Generation Engineering, "the Academy" has merged with the School Of Tech - and the day job for us has not changed at all! We are still creating, maintaining, organising and delivering a wide range of Full Stack, Data Engineering and Tech Transformation courses for our people and clients across the wider Accenture UK.

In SoT we deliver to Accenture new Starters across the UK, and an increasing number of external Clients providing off-the shelf and customised programmes.

Our ongoing work includes things like...

  • The "NGE Sept 2023 Academy" that just complete was one of many SoT Academies delivered this year.
  • We've delivered many courses with Generation, Jaguar Land Rover, Sainsburys, and others.
  • We're working with SoT India to share our courses with them.
  • We deliver mostly 12-week versions of the courses for most clients.
  • In December, SoT will change from technically being an initiative to a full DtE (i.e. a full entity in Accenture like Next Gen Engineering).

And some highlights about our courses includes...

  • We also have the Tech Transformation (TT) course, which is Business / Analyst focussed.
  • The default course length internally for Accenture is currently seven weeks for our Full Stack Engineering and Data Engineering courses, and four weeks for Tech Transformation.
  • New joiners coming in through TAG do an up-front 2-week Core Analyst Training (CAT) course of Agile. Product and Business-related skills, then an intensive tech-focussed seven weeks with us.
  • We just trialled a nine-week course at NGE that blended those two, and it was exceptionally well received, with very positive feedback.
  • Due to skills demand, we'll be trialling a Data Engineering course in January 2024. (Previously, the DE deliveries have mostly been with Generation or for Clients). This will be a 7-week variant.

Want to know more?

See also our introduction here.