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Technical interview

Congratulations and Welcome!

Congratulations on being invited to a technical interview! We're looking forward to meeting you (digitally or physically)!

If you found this page by some other means, you should definitely apply to us!

Our technical interviews are straightforward: they are comprised of a technical pairing exercise with one of our engineers, followed by a more traditional whiteboard, CV and competency-driven interview (we typically refer to this as the whiteboarding or just the interview). We will conduct this either remotely over a Google Meet link, or in-person in one of our offices. If you're not sure which office you need to go to, ask your talent team contact.

What will the technical pairing be like?

We will present you with a basic problem that you might encounter on a day inside Infinity Works, and we will ask you to design and implement a technical solution for it. The point of this test is to understand how you approach solving the problem, rather than how much you can complete in the time, so don't worry too much about trying to cram the night before.

What do I need to do before the technical interview?

Before your interview you should:

  • Set up your laptop, with a suitable development environment (make sure you bring your laptop with you!)

  • The interview will require you to draw up a system you've worked on and can talk through, so you should think about which one you'd like to present. Good examples cover full-stack systems that you are familiar with and know well.

We recommend that people bring their own laptops to enable you to use a familiar setup and development environment.

Don't have a personal laptop?

If you do not have a laptop, please let us know ahead of time and one will be provided.

If you are undertaking the full-stack technical pairing

If you are undertaking the front-end technical pairing

If you are undertaking the Docker Platform pairing

If you are undertaking the Terraform platform pairing

If you are undertaking the Data Engineering pairing

You can use Python to generate the required sample data (instructions for installing python on your machine, are in the links below). However, you are free to use any language to solve the problem, whether that's Python, SQL, Scala, or any other language.

Where will it be held?

You may be asked to join remotely on a video call (typically Google Meet) or to attend one of our offices.

Leeds office

Apsley House,
78 Wellington Street,
LS1 2EQ.

Find us on Google Maps.

London office

Karmarama/Infinity Works,
Floor 1,
20 Farringdon Road,

Find us on Google Maps.

Manchester office

No.2 Circle Square
1 Symphony Park
M1 7FS

Find us on Google Maps.

Edinburgh office

7th Floor
Atria One
144 Morrison Street

Find us on Google Maps.

Glasgow office

Clockwise Glasgow
Savoy Tower
77 Renfrew Street
G2 3BZ

Find us on Google Maps.

Birmingham office

Infinity Works c/o Accenture Song
Norfolk House
84-86 Smallbrook Queensway
B5 4EG

Find us on Google Maps.

What should I wear?

We are a business casual environment.

How long does the interview session last?

The paired programming exercise lasts approximately 60 minutes, with the interview lasting approximately 90-120 minutes. We will provide a break in the middle. Please allow 3 hours in total.

When do I hear back?

We aim to provide initial feedback and a timeframe on our decision within one day of your interview. There are usually no further Infinity Works interview steps, though we'll let you know if we expect this not to be the case.

I have a different question!

Please reach out to us! Feel free to ring our office, or drop an email to the recruiter for more instructions.