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Product Analyst Academy


The Product Analyst Academy programme is an eight-week course designed to take people from all backgrounds and with little to no experience, and help them to start a career at Infinity Works as an Associate Consultant Product Analyst.

The programme is run by the Infinity Works Academy team and is delivered in-house. Academites are employees from the day they start the Academy. We believe that our recruitment and assessment process allows us to spot great people with the ability and enthusiasm to do well and bring value to the company. As such, they should be a full-time member of the team and be earning a salary from their first day, not at the end of their training.

The Academy allows us to continue to grow as a company, helps us support people from all backgrounds to start a career in tech, and allows us to instil the Infinity Works values in a really effective way. For more details about the Academy in general, speak to any of the Academy team.

Programme goals

As an over-arching goal, the programme aims to help Academites take on the role of an entry-level Product Analyst, as described in our Product Analyst role guide.

On completing the eight-week Product Analyst Academy programme, Product Analysts will be able to:

  • Add value to an Infinity Works team as an effective team member in a variety of roles (e.g. elicit requirements and prioritise as a BA, help facilitate as a Scrum Master, or participate in user research as a User Researcher). They will be even more impactful when pairing/working closely with a more senior Infinity Works colleague.
  • Represent Infinity Works effectively as a Consultant, being able to engage and work professionally with the client.

Programme structure

The eight-week course is split into two halves:

  • Foundations & mini-project (weeks 1-2): Introducing the cohort to concepts such as Agile working and consultancy. In parallel, the learners apply these new skills and knowledge to a mini-project; a discovery piece which progresses incrementally over the first two weeks as they learn new skills. This helps them both solidify and apply learnings, and build confidence in what they can achieve.
  • Advanced concepts & final project (weeks 3-8): Building on the core skills learnt in the first half, the lessons now move on to focus more specifically on around Design, Delivery and Analysis techniques and tools. The final project is dedicated to working together in teams with the Neil Jennings Academy on a final team project. This is where they gain practical experience in working in a technical team delivering working software.

Post-programme content

After completing the eight-week programme, Academites join client teams as Associate Consultants. The Academy continues to support their career journey to help them progress to Consultant within a 12-24-month time frame. This ongoing support comes in two forms:

  • Regular contact and support from their Associate Career Mentor.
  • One day per month of further post-programme training throughout their first year. This is off-client and brings together the Academy cohort for further training sessions on tech and consultancy skills.