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Academy roles


To be able to successfully run our range of Academy programmes, we're always on the lookout for people keen to take on the instructor roles. We offer a number of instructor roles during each year, allowing us both to facilitate the full-stack Neil Jennings Academy (currently running three times a year), and to support the multiple Generation Data Academy programmes running across the UK. In addition, there are also potentially client-specific Academies to deliver. In FY21 we'll have had over 20 instructor roles in place, so there's always a demand for more great people to take these on.

Please speak to your account lead if you are interested in becoming an Academy instructor. To find out more about why you should become an instructor, please follow this link. To find out more about how the instructor roles differ per programme, and to learn about the Associate Career Mentor role, please read on.

The roles

Neil Jennings Academy Instructor (or Academy Lead)

Taking on the role of Neil Jennings Academy Instructor means you will be responsible for delivering our full-stack software engineering consultant curriculum to our latest group of Academites. You will work alongside the Lead Academy Instructor to help ensure the Academy cohort get the best learning experience possible before they "graduate" and join their first account. To find out more about this role, have a look at the Neil Jennings Academy Instructor role guide.

Generation Data Academy Instructor

The role of Generation Data Academy Instructor involves delivering our data engineering curriculum to one of the incoming cohorts for Generation. This is an incredibly fulfilling opportunity to make a real difference as part of our charity partnership with Generation, meaning you'll get the chance to help a group of young people with little to no background in tech succeed in landing a job in the industry. To find out more about this role, have a look at the Generation Data Academy Instructor role guide.

Lead Academy Instructor

Now we're operating at a greater scale to the early days of the Infinity Works Academy, we have the Lead Academy Instructor role permanently working in the Academy team. Providing consistency, sustainability and longevity to the Academy, the role provides a consistency across programmes with long term context and experience of the course delivery. Working alongside the Academy Instructors who join for one or two programmes each, this balances the most up-to-date experience and fresh ideas with the need to have repeatability, consistency and strategic direction taken into account as well.

To find out more about this role, have a look at the Lead Academy Instructor role guide.

Lead Academy Instructor (Product and Consultancy)

Building on from the role above, the Product and Consultancy version brings the same benefits to the non-technical (or more accurately non-code) aspects of a consultancy career at Infinity Works. Focussing on areas like product ownership, business analysis and agile, the role supports building wider knowledge around digital delivery and opens up the possibility to support specialisms in these disciplines as we grow and scale the Academy.

To find out more about this role, have a look at the Lead Academy Instructor (Product and Consultancy) role guide.

Associate Career Mentor

To better support our Academites as they start their career in tech at Infinity Works we realised that a mentor could provide a really valuable addition to their journey over the first few years. The Associate Career Mentor works alongside the person's People Lead, providing focused mentorship and career guidance to help the Academites succeed in becoming well-rounded, technically excellent, and people-focused consultants.

To find out more, have a look at the Associate Career Mentor role guide