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Associate to Consultant pathway

Your path from Associate, through Senior Associate, to Consultant

Owning your career and choosing the path that's right for you has always been at the heart of progression at Infinity Works. We acknowledge though that particularly at the start of your career this flexibility and autonomy can be daunting. To help address this, this progression pathway aims to provide clarity and support for what's required to move from our career entry level, CL11 Associate, through CL10 Senior Associate to CL9 Consultant.

This pathway also outlines the typical time frames associated with this progression. Nothing is absolute and hence the time associated with each step is expressed as a range, to acknowledge that there will be some variation based on your personal journey. This is due to your performance being the biggest determining factor in progression hence you should consider the time frames mentioned as a guide rather than in absolute terms. As you progress further in your career, into and beyond CL9 Consultant, this becomes even more important, and hence why individual progression, reward and recognition can't be laid out as clearly beyond this point.

CL11 Associate to CL10 Senior Associate

Your first three months at Infinity Works at the CL11 Associate career level will be as part of one of our Academy programmes. We're incredibly proud of these and believe these will give you a great start to your tech consultancy career and set you off on your progression path straightaway.

Once your twelve week Academy programme is complete, you'll join either a client team, an internal team or our green room, all of which will give you the opportunity to practice and apply the skills you've learnt, and to establish yourself in a team. You'll also be supported by ongoing Academy post-programme days, which bring you back together as a cohort for further training, networking and support.

After gaining 36 months experience post-Academy you can then expect to be promoted to CL10, Senior Associate. At this stage, it's principally the time spent gaining experience, practicing your skills and establishing yourself in the team you've joined that justify the promotion to CL10 Senior Associate, and hence why we chose the name for this level. The exception to progression at this stage would be if you are still trying to find your feet and need a little more support and time to develop. If this is the case, don't worry. It's likely it will simply take you a little longer and with more support you'll get there. Your team lead will give you regular feedback and will already be working with you to provide extra support and guidance in this situation so there won't be any surprises if your progression to Senior Associate is deferred.

The promotion to CL10 Senior Associate will happen as part of a quarterly promotion cycle. There's nothing you need to do to trigger this you don't need to flag yourself as ready for promotion in your Best Self Review, for example. In this respect, consideration for promotion at this stage in your career can be considered automatic.

CL10 Senior Associate to CL9 Consultant

Once you've established yourself as a team member, colleague and Associate, you'll then continue to gain more experience and deepen your skills and knowledge. Some of this experience is derived from being in new and unfamiliar situations and realising that different circumstances mean you'll need to apply your skills in different ways. This means that time spent gaining experience is still a significant factor here, in order for you to build up your catalogue of problems solved, challenges tackled and situations faced. For a typical CL10 to CL9 journey, we'd therefore expect to take somewhere between 12 to 24 months, with the variance being down to your personal performance and the amount of experiences you've been able to chalk up.

In addition to gaining general experience doing your role and honing your skills, we've also outlined a series of pre-defined experiences, certifications and tasks which we believe will benefit you in broadening your specialist knowledge and enhancing your core skills. These are outlined below, together with how we'll support you to do achieve them.

You need to...We will...
Gain a certification in one or more of our partner technologies within the first twelve months, listed below:
AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
GCP Cloud Digital Leader
Provide budget and time to support your learning and pay for your exam, plus provide someone to mentor you.
Pass your Professional Scrum Master 1 (PSM1) certification, so you have some practical knowledge of a common agile frameworkOrganise a two day training course for your cohort as part of the Academy post-programme content and pay for your exam, plus provide someone to mentor you.
Develop the scale and complexity of the work you do, how you work with people and your core and specialist skills to meet the requirements for CL9 Consultant.Provide regular feedback on how you're doing and training to support your development.
Provide examples of written work and presentations you've done so we can see how you've developed your communication skills (can be part of the core skills above)Provide you other examples to show what types of behaviours we're looking for, provide regular feedback on how you're doing and training to support your development.
Find someone who's a senior consultant or above who can support or sponsor you in your application to progressProvide guidelines and support to the person you choose to help them make a fair assessment of your skills, balancing constructive feedback and support so you know if they think you're ready, you really are!
Pass your AWS DevOps/SysOps/Solution Architect Associate exam or GCP equivalent exam optional.

Note if you achieve this certification you don't also have to have gained your AWS Cloud Practitioner or GCP Cloud Digital Leader. Achieving this optional more in-depth qualification replaces that requirement
Provide budget to support your learning and pay for your exam, plus provide someone to mentor you.

Further support for your progression

If all the above seems a bit daunting, don't worry! There are some further ways in which we'll help support you to achieve progression. These are:

  • Academy career mentor. When you join us as a CL11 Associate, we'll assign someone to be your Academy Career Mentor. This person will help specifically mentor you in your journey all the way to CL9 Consultant.
  • Allocated career development time. As mentioned above, for the nine months post-Academy training programme, you'll have one day per month where you're not allocated to client work. This is in addition to the learning budget of five days being trialled in FY22. Some of this will be used to provide continued training but there will also be time for you to work towards achieving the above.

Timings of promotion

Note that all promotions will happen as part of the quarterly promotion cycle and this will also play into the timings outlined above.