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Introduction to the Academy


Welcome to the Infinity Works Academy. This is intended as a practical guide to explain how Academy programmes are constructed and run at Infinity Works. It's aimed particularly at those taking on Academy Lead or Instructor roles, or anyone who will be creating and delivering content for an Infinity Works Academy of any sort. It's also useful for those simply wanting to understand how the Academy works in more detail.

What is the Academy?

The Infinity Works Academy is our career entry path into Infinity Works. Currently running three of our Neil Jennings full-stack programmes per year, the Academy supports around 40 people in joining Infinity Works and starting their career as full-stack software engineers and consultants.

The Academy also partners with the global employment charity Generation to jointly deliver a Data Engineering programme, helping young people start careers as Data Engineers. The Generation Data Academies are held in a number of different cities across the UK, with multiple programmes running throughout the year.

To staff all of the above programmes we're reliant on Infinity Works employees wanting to get involved and take on the role of instructors for the duration of a programme, or beyond! If you're interested please get in contact with any of the Academy team to find out more.

Interested in joining our Academy?

If you're reading this and are hoping to join Infinity Works via our Academy programme, please see our Academy website for information on our current programmes, and for details as to how to apply.