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Infinity Works policies


All of the company policies are set out in the Global Policy Site They ensure IW conform to a number of industry standards. Beyond that though, they're in-place to help run a secure and reputable business for our employees and customers.

Which standards to we adhere to?

We are compliant with ISO-27001, ISO-9001 and Cyber Essentials+.

What do I need to do?

Read and understand the policies that apply to you. You are bound to them through your contract, so it's a good idea to know what's expected of you.

Relocating to another Infinity Works office

Should you look to relocate from your home office region to another, you must first have a minimum of 1-year service. You should submit your request to your People Lead, current regional Technical Service Lead (TSL) and proposed new TSL detailing when you would like the move to take place and your rationale for the request.

Following your request, leadership from both regions will review the request alongside areas such as client and managerial capacity to understand if the request can be accommodated.

If the request can be accommodated, they will respond to you detailing the acceptance of the request and will contact the People Ops Partner to ensure the move is actioned in Work Day and a new contract is issued.

Should leadership not be able to support the request at this time, a rationale will be sent to you, including when you can resubmit the request.