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Leadership manifesto

What is a People Leader?

A People Leader is anyone with responsibility for providing support and direction to a team.

An Infinity Works leader exists to improve the experience of their team.

This is our commitment to colleagues at Infinity Works regarding the type of support and leadership they can expect from their People Leader. We understand that one of the most important relationships at work is with your People Leader, and moving around teams can mean relationships are more difficult to build. At Infinity Works, we face this head-on to ensure we agree on what it means to be a leader here. The aim is to create consistency, coupled with the flexibility our people need.

As a People Leader at Infinity Works...

I never assume quiet means content

  • I review anything submitted into 15Five and take timely action where needed.
  • I actively enquire when colleagues are quiet, to understand how they really are.
  • I adapt my approach to suit each member of my team.

I support, challenge and communicate with realism

  • I provide feedback in the moment when it is most impactful.
  • I treat colleagues as adults and with respect.
  • I recognise when feedback is most useful for a colleague's development.
  • I encourage colleagues to pause, seek feedback and reflect to aid continual growth.
  • I champion and encourage the creativity of the team to find the best solution.

I take a person-centred approach

  • I recognise and appreciate the different moments in a colleague's life and adjust my approach accordingly.
  • I ensure colleagues are engaged with Infinity Works (not just the client).
  • I establish proactive, regular 1-2-1s to provide colleagues with time to talk about work, career aspirations, development areas and personal life.
  • I encourage an open and honest relationship, taking the time to understand everyone as their whole selves.

I am curious, collaborative and solution-focused

  • I seek information from other Infinity Works People Leaders to create solutions for colleagues and clients.
  • Even in the midst of change, I create a seamless transition for colleagues so development and growth at Infinity Works does not waver.
  • I proactively identify ways Infinity Works can be improved and work to implement changes.

I do what I say I will

  • I am realistic about what I can take on and own the actions to deliver on my commitments.

I seek to develop myself

  • I recognise that development never stops and embrace opportunities to develop myself.
  • I share my developmental areas with my team.
  • I seek regular, honest feedback from my team and peers.

I say thank you

  • I recognise that it is all about the kudos.
  • I say "thank you" in the moment, in a way the colleague will appreciate.
  • I take the time to reflect on what has been achieved, to learn for the future.

I practice what I preach

  • I model healthy behaviours to look after my own wellbeing.
  • I create stability in times of uncertainty by communicating Infinity Works-wide messages with clarity, honesty and trustworthiness.
  • I set and share leadership objectives with my team, demonstrating the importance of development for all colleagues.