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Leadership Wheel

The purpose of this tool is to help provide a holistic view of the areas of your personal leadership. It will highlight where you feel that you are most confident and any areas that you feel need more development. It can be used as a reference during coaching or mentoring sessions.


  • Print a copy of the leadership wheel template.
  • Using a pen, put a small X on each segment of the wheel based on how strong you feel in that particular area (see example descriptions below). Scoring is 1 - 10, with 10 being very strong.
  • If you do not have access to a printer you can use a pen and paper to make a note of the categories and manually score yourself from 1 - 10 against each.
  • Next, draw a thick line along the width of each segment where you previously marked an X and then join each edge to the next segment. See examples below.

This will give you a view of your current leadership wheel with a simple view of any focus areas.


  • How aware are you of your impact on others?
  • How much do you consider and value feedback from others?
  • How aware are you of the areas that you need to work on to grow in your leadership?

Relationship building

  • How are you at building and maintaining relationships with colleagues?
  • How are you at building and maintaining relationships with clients and stakeholders?


  • How clear are you in your communication, either written or verbal?
  • Are you comfortable with providing updates and/or asking for what you need?

Strategic awareness

  • How much do you try to understand the vision and strategy of Infinity Works or your client engagement?
  • How much do you generally consider the bigger picture outside of your day to day tasks?

Leading and motivating

  • How comfortable are you with leading and motivating others? This could be leading from the front, or by speaking up in a group when something needs to be changed.
  • How are you at judging what action and/or tone is needed in a situation?


  • How visible are you in your current team or client?
  • Do you share your ideas and opinions often (versus keeping them to yourself)?
  • Are you often visible on camera when joining remote meetings?


  • How are you at prioritising your work and making decisions on what is really important?
  • Do you give focus to the most important/impactful tasks rather than focussing on smaller, less meaningful tasks?

Decision making

How confident are you at making decisions or providing a strong opinion on a decision (versus waiting on others)?

Personal development

How much do you prioritise your own personal development, including work-related learning and personal learning, versus focussing only on getting the day-to-day work done?


Leadership wheel template


Leadership wheel partial

Leadership wheel completed