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The founding

Infinity Works was set up in April 2014 by Matt Gaffney, Paul Henshaw, and Dan Rathbone as Immedia Solutions, and was joined by Tom Walton in August 2014. By February 2015 the team had grown to 16 people and undergone a re-brand to Infinity Works.


In 2015 we opened our London office, and a couple of years later in 2017, we opened another in Manchester. Another two years on in 2019 we expanded across the border into Scotland with our Edinburgh office and then in 2021 our Glasgow office. We opened our most recent office, also in 2021, in Birmingham.


In February 2021 Infinity Works was acquired by Accenture to further extend its cloud delivery and engineering capabilities in the UK.


2021: Infinity Works Part of Accenture

2021 - Infinity Works Part of Accenture

2016: Infinity Works

2016 - Infinity Works

2015: Infinity Works

2015 - Infinity Works

2014: Immedia Solutions

2014 - Immedia Solutions