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Office Assistant


This document exists so that you know what is expected of you when performing the role of an Office Assistant.

Our vision is for Infinity Works to be recognised as an amazing place to work - where those yet to work here aspire to do so and those who do, and those who have left, recognise it as an amazing experience and a key part of their career.

Some background

An Office Assistant plays a very important role within Infinity Works. Almost every member of staff and every visitor interacts with them and uses the facilities they provide and maintain. As a result, it's one of the few roles that crosses across all people and departments.

Discipline and reliability are two essential key skills for an Office Assistant as their day-to-day tasks cover many things that enable the workforce to function. Everybody else comes to the office expecting to use meeting rooms, print documents, arrange for guests to visit etc. safe in the knowledge that the Office Assistant will be enabling all of these things.

This guide is intended to be a broad overview of the role, responsibilities and duties that may differ slightly depending on the office location.


Running the office

  • Upkeep of the office environment, making sure everything is in good working order and spotting anything that needs attention.
  • Support meetings and events, helping with arrangements, provision of facilities and supplying food & drinks.
  • Ensure the office is fully stocked with all perishables and day-to-day utilities from fruit, snacks and drinks through to stationary.
  • Support the office's physical security through sign-in/out of guests, management of passes and helping to manage the office alarm.
  • Help with bookings for travel when staff make individual trips and when large company events (e.g. annual conference) take place.
  • Support the Office Manager to help them fulfil their responsibilities including picking up some tasks on areas that don't typically come up in the day-to-day responsibilities of an Office Assistance e.g. legal and compliance activities, implementation and management of policies & procedures etc.
  • Support the Office Manager with maintaining the Facilities Handbook, making sure it is up to date and relevant as the office(s) grow.

People and Culture

  • Effective communication - forthcoming events, maintenance, planned changes - to the workforce is key.
  • Field queries and, if necessary, tactfully and diplomatically handle complaints.
  • Introduce new starters and kick-off inductions including an office tour.
  • Be a friendly face for staff and visitors alike. Leave people with an amazing first impression of Infinity Works.


You'll carry out your role in accordance with the requirements of ISO9001 and ISO27001 as reflected in the Company's policies and procedures and the ISO9001 and ISO27001 organisational structure charts.