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Director of Practices

As the Director of Practices, you have overall responsibility for ensuring Technical Excellence across Infinity Works. To do this you work closely with regional Technical Services Leads and Practice Leads (PLs) across the company. Together you support and challenge engagements in collaboration with Account Leads and Client Practice Leads (CPLs) to ensure we deliver on our value of being technically excellent in all disciplines and within all our engagements. You will be responsible for ensuring we maintain our quality bar when hiring, that our consultants have the tools and support they need to be technically excellent, and that we are recognised externally as technically excellent.

You can carry out this role at career level CL5 Associate Director and above.



You support the Practice Leads in being figureheads for their discipline, setting the tone and culture for consultants across the company and giving them something to aspire to.

You and they remain grounded and accessible to all. Infinity Works maintains a feeling of low hierarchy and encourages informal relationships at all levels.

You work with the Practice Leads to develop and align around company-wide objectives. You provide guidance and mentorship to this group.

Personal and professional development

You are also responsible for working with the Practice Leads to define clear and inspiring career pathways for each discipline. You work with People Ops and regional TSLs to ensure all consultants have the support they need to create and enact personal and professional development plans.

You guide and aid the Practice Leads in developing Academy modules and Launchpads to up-skill and cross-skill consultants.

Delivery Quality

You guide the Practice Leads in continuing to evolve the Delivery Quality process and ensure it is practised effectively in conjunction with regional Account Leads and CPLs. You ensure that the delivery quality of each engagement is understood and that teams have the support they need to make any required improvements.


You work with Practice Leads to define and articulate what good looks like for each of our disciplines and continue to evolve the way we assess recruitment candidates. You work with the TSLs within each region to ensure that we maintain our hiring quality bar and that consultants understand how to hire great people.

Focus on delivering for the customer

As well as defining the national blueprint for how we achieve technical excellence, you and the Practice Leads also spend a portion of your time working directly with current and prospective customers. This involves joining delivery teams as a servant leader to start new engagements right or who are facing particular challenges. You lead by example to instil quality and up-skill colleagues to leave them better equipped to tackle future challenges.

Business development

You and the Practice Leads support business development within each region. You create compelling, reusable stories about how we practice each discipline and when required, contribute to bids, tenders and pitches to ensure our credentials are well presented.

Being known for technical excellence

You support the Practice Leads in being public champions of their disciplines. You lead them in actively engaging in external communities and supporting others to do so. You work with Marketing to generate a compelling outward-facing presence that represents technical excellence in all our disciplines.


  • You work collaboratively to ensure outcomes are delivered.
  • You inspire and enable others to deliver high-quality work.
  • You help others think clearly and act effectively.
  • You lead by example but empower and focus on building capability and autonomy.


Regional Practice Leads

Regionally-aligned Practice Leads such as Engineering Practice Leads and Delivery Practice Leads are part of your extended team. You provide guidance and direction in both the work they deliver and their personal and professional development.

Central Practice Leads

You provide the same support and guidance as for the EPLs and DPLs but additionally give pastoral care and line management.

Technical Services Leads (TSLs)

You work as peers with Technical Services Leads to ensure your activities and those of the Practice Leads provide value to regional offices.

Client Practice Leads (CSLs) and Account Leads

You ensure the Practice Leads provide a valuable service to ensure technical excellence in upcoming and current engagements.


You ensure Consultants have clear and relevant career pathways. You work with the Practice Leads to nurture and evolve the culture around how we work together and with clients.


You work with Marketing to ensure our external presence reflects our culture of technical excellence.

Business Development

You ensure our practices are well represented in early engagement, working with Practice Leads and others to develop their skill in selling what we do genuinely and authentically, and shaping engagements to deliver great outcomes for all parties.


You ensure we assess candidates effectively, in a way that upholds our quality bar while giving candidates a great experience.


You work with the Director of Academy and Practice Leads to ensure we provide relevant and high-quality training in our specialisms.

People Ops

You work with People Ops to ensure we nurture our consultancy culture and in particular that of technical excellence.