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Client Services Lead


Why does this document exist? Simply put, so you know what is expected of you when performing a Client Services Lead role. Our vision is for Infinity Works to be recognised as an amazing place to work, where those yet to work here aspire to do so and those who do, and those who have left, recognise it as an amazing experience and a key part of their career.

Some background

As a Client Services Lead, you are the enabler for all business activity across a particular region and portfolio of work. Whilst we have specialist functions to drive recruitment, marketing, business development and technical quality across the company, your role is to bring all of the parts of the jigsaw together into a cohesive and successful operation which fulfils our mantra of best for client, best for colleague within your region. In line with this, the range of your responsibilities is incredibly broad but you have experts to rely on to make it all work. This role comes down to building strong relationships, being well organised and communicating clearly.


Managing a portfolio of customers

  • You are the Senior Relationship Lead for a set of engagements, taking primary ownership for exec and C-suite contacts.
  • You ensure that we are aligned to our customer's strategic direction, recognising opportunities to grow and become influential in the right places.
  • You will work with a team of Practice Leads and Account Leads to bridge the gap between strategic direction and operational delivery.
  • You will make sure that standard good practice for delivery quality and risk management is in place including service reviews and CSAT surveys.
  • You will work with your team to define sensible account strategies, growth plans and develop the regional portfolio in line with the company objectives.

Being a leader of people

  • Whether through direct line management or as the most senior person for the region, you act as a figurehead and set the tone for all consultants.
  • You must ensure that the vision and plans are clearly communicated and that everybody feels energised by the role they have to play in the journey.
  • Make sure that everybody within the region's career progression is supported and that all staff get the development opportunities they want and need.
  • Identify leaders of the future, make sure succession plans are in place for all key roles, including your own, and that Managing and Principal Consultants have objectives set which involve them in the regional strategy.
  • You must remain grounded and accessible to all. Infinity Works maintains a feeling of low hierarchy and encourages informal relationships at all levels.

Running a smooth operation

  • Work alongside other regional leaders to ensure we have one strategy with regional execution and balance local objectives with the bigger picture.
  • Ensure we sign up to contracts we can fulfil, agree on terms that are aligned with our commercial objectives and facilitate negotiations with our legal counsel.
  • Work with recruitment and marketing to set up long-term targets and plans for business generation and development of talent to fulfil it within the region.
  • Contribute to company annual forecasting exercises drawing on account plans, new business pipeline and making the most of the regional talent pool.
  • Balance supply and demand on an ongoing basis, aligning plans across recruitment, academy, organic growth, rotation and new logo wins.
  • Ensure that all staff have career plans and objectives, get regular feedback and pay reviews are done to schedule with appropriate input from all parties.

Building a regional presence

  • Participate in regional business communities, forums, associations and steering groups, both personally and by encouraging the team as a whole.
  • Make sure Infinity Works are an active presence both in attendance and driving conferences, tech talks and meet-ups.
  • Build relationships with local public sector organisations and pillars of the community such as councils, Universities and local government divisions.
  • Identify opportunities to sponsor, host and invest in the regional institutions and make sure we are recognised as a champion for the local community.
  • Work with central teams to ensure the region has a suitable hub which represents our culture and allows our teams and customers to collaborate.