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Green Room Tribe Lead

This guide describes the role of the Green Room Tribe Lead. This is a critical role in supporting our Green Room which is an essential part of running Infinity Works.


The Green Room can have more people than is practical for the Green Room Lead to manage on their own. As a result, The Green Room is split up into tribes of between 7-10 people. Each tribe will have a Tribe Lead to oversee and manage the tribe.

The Tribe Lead will work with other Tribe Leads and the Green Room Lead to ensure the successful running of The Green Room. The primary goal of the tribe lead is that people in their tribe remain happy and engaged, whether that is through focusing on personal development or by getting involved in initiatives.

The Tribe Lead role is a good opportunity for gaining leadership experience and an increased sense of ownership.


While these responsibilities are for the Tribe Lead in the first instance, this does not mean that the Green Room Lead will not help out. Given that Tribe Leads can change quite often, Tribe Leads are encouraged to reach out to the Green Room Lead and other Tribe Leads for support whenever they need it. Ultimately the Tribe Leads work with the Green Room Lead to make sure everyone gets the best experience.

Welcoming new Greeners

When new greeners join The Green Room they are assigned by the Green Room Lead to tribes. When you are assigned new greeners to your tribe the Green Room Lead will let you know. It is the Tribe Lead's responsibility to ensure:

  • They understand what The Green Room is for and how it works.
  • They feel comfortable and able to participate.
  • They have updated their skills.
  • They consider arranging more frequent sessions with their People Lead during what is often a time of great change for them. The default is that Greeners should be encouraged to meet with their People Lead weekly.

Pastoral care

You have the same responsibility for pastoral care for Greeners as an Account Lead would on a client engagement. You monitor Greeners' well-being through regular contact in stand-ups and on Slack, and by reviewing their 15Five check-ins each week. You follow up with 1:1s when required and escalate to the Green Room Lead for additional support when appropriate.

Delivery leadership

The Tribe Lead ensures that Greeners are engaged in productive work. This may be self-paced learning, collaborating with other Greeners on initiatives, or something else.

Working with the other Tribe Leads and the Green Room Lead to ensure the Trello backlog is well maintained, is a source of inspiration for Greeners, and a useful way to track activities.

Each tribe should have regular stand-ups two per week by default, with an optional catch-up on Friday. The Tribe Lead (and ultimately the Green Room Lead) are responsible for making sure these happen and are fun and engaging. But that does not mean they need to run every stand-up, It's encouraged to have different people facilitate each time with the support of the Tribe Lead.

The Tribe Lead should organise Show & Tell sessions where appropriate for all Greeners in their tribe, where people can share their achievements. Similarly, it's great if someone in The Green Room wants to be compère for a particular Show & Tell session with you there to support as needed.

Individual Tribe stand-upsMon, Wed, FriEach Tribe runs separately with their Tribe Lead.
All Greeners Show & TellWeeklyEveryone in The Green Room plus the Green Room Lead.

Replacement tribe leave

When you move out of The Green Room, it'll no longer be possible for you to be a Tribe Lead. It is encouraged that you find a replacement Tribe Lead before you move on. When you know you're leaving the Tribe Lead role, you need to let the Green Room Lead know and the other Tribe Leads so they can also help in finding a replacement.