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Green Room Lead

This guide describes the role of Green Room Lead. This is a critical role in supporting our Green Room, which is an essential part of running Infinity Works.

The Green Room Lead is responsible for the successful running of The Green Room with the primary goal that people in The Green Room remain happy and engaged, whether that is through focusing on personal development or by getting involved in initiatives. The role is usually undertaken for an eight week period by someone who has been at Infinity Works for more than six months and is at career level CL8 Senior and above.

What is The Green Room?

The Green Room is where all consultants go when not assigned to a client. The term Green Room originates from show business and reflects the positive way it should be viewed.

In show business, The Green Room is the space in a theatre or similar venue that functions as a waiting room and lounge for performers before, during, and after a performance or show when they are not engaged on stage.

We use the term Greeners to refer affectionately to people in The Green Room.

Green Room Sponsor

As the Green Room Lead, you report to the nominated Green Room Sponsor who is responsible for supporting you and The Green Room. The sponsor is usually a member of one of the regional leadership teams and this responsibility rotates periodically as determined by the national Technology Director.

The Sponsor is responsible for finding your successor and ensuring there is a smooth transition from one Green Room Lead to the next.


Appointing and supporting Tribe Leads

The Green Room is split into several tribes. Each Tribe should comprise 7-10 people and each will have its own stand-ups throughout the week. The number of tribes will fluctuate based on the number of people in The Green Room.

Each tribe has a Tribe Lead to whom you delegate the day-to-day running of that tribe. Due to the constant flow of people in and out of The Green Room, it is likely that Tribe Leads will only be in place for a short period so you will need to stay close to what they are doing and provide a lot of support.

Working alongside other Tribe Leads, you will appoint and support new Tribe Leads and ensure a smooth transition of Tribe Leads when someone moves on.

Welcoming new Greeners

You ensure that everyone who joins The Green Room is welcomed and gets an introduction, either from the Green Room Lead or from a Tribe Lead. When a new person joins The Green Room, you will need to assign them to a tribe. You should ensure Greeners are evenly spread across all tribes. As the number of people in The Green Room changes, it may make sense to remove or add extra tribes.

Pastoral care

Given the number of people in The Green Room, you will rely on the Tribe Leads to look after the Greeners on a day-to-day basis. Your role is to check in regularly with all Tribe Leads to support them and escalate to the Green Room Sponsor for additional support when appropriate.

Delivery leadership

You ensure the Trello board is well maintained, is a source of inspiration for Greeners, and is a useful way to track activities. You work together with the Tribe Leads to identify and work to resolve blockers, liaise with outside parties, and escalate to the Green Room Sponsor as required.

You will run a weekly catch-up on Friday for everyone in The Green Room which is a chance for people to see what everyone has been working on. It is also useful for providing updates and addressing any issues people may have in The Green Room.

Matching Greeners to initiatives

You are the main point of contact for people from anywhere in Infinity Works who are seeking help on an initiative from Greeners. You work with them to refine and elaborate the request so that it is readily understandable. These requests are added to the Trello board for people in The Green Room to work on. Working with the Tribe Leads, you support the greeners in understanding the request and help facilitate an introductory conversation with the person making the request if necessary.

Matching Greeners to Accounts

You represent Greeners in People Movements to ensure:

  • Their skills and preferences are understood.
  • They are included in the right conversations.
  • They are not forgotten.

Joiners and leavers

You periodically (at least weekly) reconcile the list of people not assigned to a client according to People Movements with those actively in The Green Room. You get in touch with those who are unassigned but have not turned up in The Green Room to introduce them to it. You ask those who have moved onto client work if they want to stay in The Green Room and remove them if not.

Evolving The Green Room

You are continuously looking for ways to evolve and improve The Green Room. You have regular catch-ups with key people from within The Green Room and the sponsor to drive this improvement.


You report to the nominated Green Room Sponsor who actively supports you. The default is that the Green Room Lead should have a weekly 1:1 with the Green Room Sponsor.

Working with the Tribe Leads, you provide support, guidance, and pastoral care for all Greeners. You ensure Greeners get adequate engagement from their People Leads and escalate to the Green Room Sponsor for support where needed.

You work with all Account Leads and Client Practice Leads through the People Movements Process.