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Technical Lead - How am I doing


For more information on what the Tech Lead role involves and how to do it well, see the Tech Lead role guide.

This document aims to give a structured way to help you answer the question, "How am I doing at being a good Tech Lead?"

Rate yourself, or ask a colleague to

Try to be honest; the aim is to identify how you can get even better than you currently are.

Think about how other people do each thing to gauge how you are doing at it.

As a Tech Lead, ...RarelySometimesUsuallyConsistently
I do everything I can to make sure the team is working to a clear and achievable plan
I manage clients expectations and protect the team from unreasonable demands
I give leadership in making technical decisions
I trust and empower my team and don't micro-manage them
I bring up to date and relevant technical skills and knowledge to the team
I lead by example and enjoy getting my hands dirty when I need to
I get the team unstuck, helping get to the bottom of thorny technical issues
I choose the right tech for the team and client
I ensure the team achieve an effective delivery flow
I ensure the team delivers a high quality, production-ready solution
I resolve blockers, risks and issues within and outside the team
I don't just talk, I take action
I develop team members and help them grow
I provide stability when the team faces challenging times
I am egoless and open to having my ideas challenged
I am easy to work with and collaborate with all parties to achieve outcomes
I make my team an enjoyable place to be and I am compassionate about individuals' needs