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Family Lead


This document explains the role of a Family Lead at Infinity Works and helps you to understand what is expected of you when performing the role.

What is a Family Lead?

Being a Family Lead means supporting the Account Lead in the successful delivery of an engagement with a customer. You, your team, and the things you do will have a huge influence on how that customer feels about Infinity Works.

Everyone who acts as a Family lead role understands the expectation of the role to make sure that all colleagues who are supported by a Family Lead get the same high level of support. This document defines and explains the accountability and responsibilities, and provides some helpful advice on how to be effective in this critical role.

This role is usually carried out by those at career level CL8 Senior and above.

Why is the role needed, and what value does it provide?

The requirement for a Family Lead role usually materialises on larger accounts where there is too much work on a single Account Lead.

The Family Lead role provides a number of key benefits:

  • Continuity for both the client and Infinity Works when the Account Lead is away.
  • Succession planning for account lead role.
  • Progression opportunities.
  • Ensures our people are given the support they need.

The Role in practice

The role itself is a people-focused role at its core. As teams grow, the "best for colleague" aspect of the Account Lead role becomes increasingly difficult to maintain, especially to the high standard of support expected at Infinity Works. Family leads will take responsibility for supporting colleagues on the account and will report to the Account lead directly, they may also take on and support other areas of the Account Leads role. The only caveat to this is that whilst the responsibility for activities might be distributed, the accountability always remains with the Account Lead.

You will collaborate with your Account Lead to ensure things are done to the best of Infinity Works' ability. You will collaborate with your colleagues to make sure that they feel supported and that we maintain a great relationship with the customer.

In some accounts, these roles might all be one person in other accounts, this might be a couple of people. In others still, there will be one person owning each of these roles. It all depends on the size, complexity and nature of the engagement.


As a Family Lead, the things that you do and how you do them will have a huge influence on the morale and wellbeing of your Infinity Works colleagues.

Own team structure, capability and processes

The Family Lead ensures that the account has all the people, skills and processes needed to make the account a success.

The Delivery Lead is accountable for defining if their delivery team has the right number of people, at the right time, with the right skills and right working practices in place to successfully deliver a high-quality outcome for the customer. The Family Lead(s) collaborate with the Delivery Lead(s) to ensure the whole account has its people and process requirements met on time.

The Account Lead is accountable for people being on-boarded or off-boarded, having the right clearances and equipment to do their job, managing holidays and absences, expenses and approving timesheets.

In detail:

  • Ensure that you have a complete view of the role/skills requirements and capability of the team, but with a special focus on the people reporting directly to you.
  • Identify, source and onboard new hires with Recruitment and People Ops when they will be reporting to you.
  • Ensure that the movement of staff happens without account disruption.
  • Ensure succession planning is in place for your key staff and you are actively working on up-skilling the successors.
  • Ensure that staff are on-boarded and off-boarded effectively. Ensure that everyone knows what is expected of them.
  • Holidays and absences are reviewed and approved promptly.
  • Expenses are reviewed and actioned promptly.
  • Behavioural and performance issues are handled promptly and constructively.
  • Timesheets are reviewed at the end of each period.

Responsible for people operations and team engagement

The Family Lead is responsible for ensuring the wellbeing, high morale and effective running of the Infinity Works team, with a special focus on those who report directly to you.

The Infinity Works team is the heart of the account. A happy, well-organised team is the best way of delivering quality outcomes for our customers. Running a team is not a simple matter, it takes dedication, hard work and lots of effort.

The Family Lead is accountable for their team members receiving enough guidance, challenge, personal development and pastoral care to remain engaged in their work while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. On top of this, there are a lot of simple, slightly boring administrative things that need doing to ensure that everything stays on track.

The Family Lead is accountable and responsible for the following:

  • Ensuring everyone who reports to the Family Lead know what is expected of them.
  • Any behavioural or performance issues are addressed quickly.
  • Everyone has clear goals and the support they need to achieve those goals.
  • Everyone receives regular, relevant and constructive feedback.
  • Everyone has opportunities for career progression
  • The team has a positive culture and all the essentials like holiday, timesheets, reviews, pay rises, rewards and team celebrations happen.

In detail:

  • Career progression, growth and personal development plan in place for all team members.
  • Rotation requests are actioned as soon as practical.
  • All team members have an appropriate challenge.
  • All team members are aware of new opportunities within and outside the account.
  • All team members are aware of their responsibilities.
  • All team members receive regular feedback.
  • All team members receive support for personal needs.
  • Successes are celebrated.
  • Infinity Works' culture is shared, supported and encouraged.
  • Best Self Reviews.

Techniques and essential measures

There are a range of tools and techniques that you can use to ensure you are meeting the responsibilities of the Family Lead role.

Own team structure, capability and processes

The Family lead works with the Account Lead to ensure that the account has all the people, skills and processes requirements met to make the account a success.

  • Use the People Movements process to keep track of staffing demand, rotations and start dates.
  • Use the People Movements meeting to ensure that recruitment demand is up to date and open roles are filled effectively.
  • Use regular one-to-ones to ensure that team members know what is expected of them and receive useful feedback on their capabilities, performance and personal development.
  • Ensure succession plans are in place for your key team members and manage roll-off plans for individuals who have served more than twelve months on the account.
  • Ensure holidays, expenses and timesheets are reviewed and approved weekly.
  • Manage absences and performance issues promptly, compassionately and directly.
  • Encourage a hands-on, collaborative, pragmatic, 'can-do' approach.

Responsible for people operations and team engagement

The Family Lead is responsible for ensuring the wellbeing, high morale and effective running of the Infinity Works team, especially those reporting to them.

  • Ensure that every team member has a monthly one-to-one with constructive feedback.
  • Celebrate successes and hold account social events every quarter.
  • Encourage staff to have regular 3-minds meetings with their People Lead.
  • Recognise, reward and recommend high-performing staff.
  • Highlight and support high-potential staff.
  • Use the People Movements meeting and the internal jobs board to ensure staff are aware of opportunities outside of the account and manage appropriate rotations.
  • Encourage staff to pursue a personal development plan and career progression.
  • Support team members with personal and pastoral issues.
  • Ensure that all role progression and pay reviews happen promptly and are well executed.
  • Share, support and encourage Infinity Works' culture and values by example.


You'll carry out your role in accordance with the requirements of ISO9001 and ISO27001 as reflected in the Company's policies and procedures and the ISO9001 and ISO27001 organisational structure charts.