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The advocate role is a key part of People Support at Infinity Works. In this role, you will provide support and coaching for Infinity Works colleagues focused primarily on new starters to Infinity Works, and in doing so you have a key part to play in their well-being, enjoyment and career success at the company.

If you are interested in becoming an advocate, please fill in the sign-up form.


  • Provide support primarily for around four new colleagues at Infinity Works. The actual number of Advocatees you take on can vary, and we'd expect it to ramp up slowly as you take on the role, but for it to scale successfully we're expecting four to be a likely norm.
  • The advocate is a non-hierarchical role. You are not in charge of your Advocatee, you support and empower them.
  • Advocates are expected to have regular catch-ups with their Advocatees. The frequency of the catch-ups should be agreed upon with each Advocatee; monthly is a good default. It is primarily the Advocatee's responsibility to arrange these sessions but you should approach them or seek advice from your buddy group if they seem reluctant to do so as it may be a sign that something is not working in your advocacy relationship.
  • Ask your Advocatees what they want to get out of advocacy. The process should be led by them. If you need any help with meeting their needs ask for help from your buddy group.
  • Regular three minds meetups are a valuable mechanism for ensuring that a minimal level of feedback is given and for keeping Advocatees informed of future opportunities within their account.
  • All advocates are expected to support their respective buddy groups by regularly attending meetings and by seeking regular feedback from others in your group. This process helps to ensure that the quality of advocacy is maintained.
  • Signposting your Advocatee to appropriate other sources of information and setting up other support such as mentoring, as required.
  • Behaving like a coach is a key skill and something you should endeavour to develop.
  • Tailor catch-ups, working collaboratively with your Advocatee, around different types of conversation and topics. For example, around career development, engagement and happiness at work, building relationships, dealing with stress and so on. Use techniques appropriate to each of these to help support in a more valuable way.
  • You may be required to support your Advocatee through some difficult challenges and have conversations around these. While rare, personal challenges at home, mental health and challenges with performance do affect people. Infinity Works will support you with this but it is part of the role, reach out to your buddy group for support mechanisms.
  • Don't act like a manager! If you find yourself doing managerial-style things, then reach out to your buddy group and the colleague's Account Lead for advice. You're not hierarchically superior to your Advocatee, it's a peer-to-peer relationship.


  • Take on the duties of captain for your buddy group. The Advocate Captain role ensures the group runs effectively and coordinates with the other captains to share and encourage wider improvements.


You'll carry out your role in accordance with the requirements of ISO9001 and ISO27001 as reflected in the Company's policies and procedures and the ISO9001 and ISO27001 organisational structure charts.