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Introduction to People Lead

Everyone at Infinity Works has a People Lead who is focused on supporting them throughout their time at Infinity Works. This is usually someone from outside their current team. Due to the nature of consultancy, people regularly move between teams. In each placement, their Account/Team Lead will give valuable support and day-to-day direction, while their People Lead provides a broader perspective and acts as a point of continuity.

Everyone is encouraged to meet regularly with their People Lead to get support with driving their career and with any issues they face day to day.

The People Lead model puts people at the centre of what we do because we understand that focusing on being "Best for Colleague" enables us to be "Best for Client" and "Best for Company".

Roles and responsibilities

Your People Lead and current Account/Team Lead play complementary roles in supporting you.

ResponsibilityPeople LeadAccount/Team Lead
Onboarding to Infinity WorksPrimary responsibilityAlso plays a part if a person is placed straight onto an account.
Onboarding to client-Responsible.
Providing guidance on career progressionEnsures the person has a clear understanding of where they are and where they can go. Helps them set and achieve development goals.Feeds account context into what goals are relevant and readily achievable within the current engagement.
FeedbackThe individual has primary responsibility for gathering feedback for themselves. The People Lead helps the individual make best use of the feedback they receive. They consider the person's whole time at IW and all roles they perform.

The People Lead will also check in with key individuals regularly to form a full picture of how the person is doing, strengths and development areas. This would include the Account Lead and any people the individual is People Lead for.

The People Lead should avoid "proxying" feedback but should identify any signs that feedback is not flowing well to prompt conversations when needed.
Gives regular honest, development-focused feedback, along with other colleagues.

Checks in with colleagues regularly the same as the People Lead to form a complete picture. The focus here is specifically within the context of the current engagement while the People Lead will take a wider and more holistic view.
Pastoral carePoint of continuity, focused on the person and supporting their wellbeing.Plays an important role In the moment and in the context of the account.
Dealing with performance issuesTakes the lead to ensure a person-centric approach and proper process is followed.Takes a constructive, developmental approach to providing feedback and setting expectations.
Representing the individual in performance reviewsUses knowledge of the person over a period of time and spanning engagements, and works with them to agree on what is fair and right for them. Represents at pay/promotion review panels.Provides feedback from their point of view.