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After twelve months

All employees enrolled in the Advocacy scheme who have been at Infinity Works for over 12 months will be sent a form asking if they want to continue their official Advocacy relationship or bring it to a close. They will also be asked if they would like to become an Advocate themselves in the future to allow us to increase the number of Advocates we have across Infinity Works.

Why do we need to free up Advocates?

We are at a point where it is becoming increasingly difficult to find Advocates for new starters. Advocacy is such an important part of the Infinity Works experience that we need to figure out how to get our experienced Advocates free to share their experience with these new starters.

Core benefits

We have looked at the core benefits of Advocacy and where the Advocate relationship is most beneficial. Advocates are vital in both the onboarding process and in building relationships for new starters, especially with people outside of their account.

Advocacy update

We will be asking people who have been at Infinity Works over twelve months if they are still benefiting from their official Advocacy relationship. If they think that their relationship has moved past the Advocacy title then they can opt for their Advocacy relationship to come to an end. If they are still benefiting from having an official Advocate then the relationship will continue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we doing this?

The idea is to make sure that all new starters have the kind of support that makes onboarding to Infinity Works such a fantastic experience, and to do this we need to make sure that we have a large pool of Advocates ready to take on new Infinites.

What happens when an Advocacy relationship comes to an end?

The Advocacy activities come to a close, but why not have a 'non-official' catch up to start to build the friendship now that the official relationship has come to an end.

Does that mean we can't talk anymore?

Not at all, the only thing that's ending is the official 'Advocacy' title. By this point the Advocate will have built a personalised support network around them of peers and potentially with the Advocate as well. Offering support to colleagues in a non-official capacity is always encouraged and really is the Infinity Works way.

What if I want to opt back in to Advocacy?

If you think that having an Advocate at any point in your career would be useful, you can opt into the Advocacy program again and get assigned an Advocate from the pool available by simply contacting any Advocate you know who can then reach out to the Advocate community to find you a suitable Advocate. Before you opt back in though it might be more helpful to you consider speaking with someone who you would like to be your mentor instead. You can arrange this relationship yourself informally by simply having a chat with someone within Infinity Works who you think could fulfil this role for you.