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Advocate support

This section provides dedicated support for Advocates.

Buddy Groups

Buddy groups are designed to be a safe space for Advocates to talk and seek guidance on how to help their Advocatees with issues and problems. All Advocates should be in a buddy group, if you are not please post in the #advocates-internal Slack channel.

Buddy groups should meet on an ad-hoc basis whenever somebody from the group requires a catch up. If, as a group, you want these to be formal and monthly, that should be encouraged! The channel should be used for quick questions to seek support from your buddy group. If the buddy group cannot solve the problem, reach out to the wider #advocates-internal Slack channel.

Buddy groups have a captain who is responsible for several things within the buddy groups.

Captain Responsibilities

  • Updating Advocate availability
  • Assigning new Advocatees
  • Chair buddy group meetings - when required - these can be monthly booked in session or ad-hoc dependent on the needs of your buddy group
  • Providing Advocacy feedback - please share any feedback from your buddy groups with the wider buddy group captain's group

We have looked at the core benefits of Advocacy and where the Advocate relationship is most beneficial. Advocates are vital in both the onboarding process and in building relationships for new starters, especially with people outside of their account.