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At Infinity Works we don't do typical line management, we do People Support. Advocacy, together with Account Leadership and Communities of Practice are the three main parts of our People Support Model.

It's our way of ensuring we support our people and stay true to our ethos of best for colleague. Through People Support we aim to empower Infinites so that they will be happy and fulfilled in their role at Infinity Works, and inspire each other to do the same.

All Infinites have an allocated Advocate - new starters will meet their Advocate in their first week. The Advocate will help with induction and regularly thereafter.

What is Advocacy?

Advocacy Image

Advocacy is a blend of mentoring and coaching that is led by the Advocatee and aims to ensure our people are happy and supported in their roles.

There should be no conflict of interest with Advocacy. Advocatees should be free to talk openly, honestly and confidentially - it provides long-term person focus as opposed to temporary project focus.

It focuses on:

  • Open and honest conversations around aspirations and growth
  • Facilitating the three minds meets between Advocate, Advocatee and Account Lead
  • People not projects
  • Career advice
  • Training and people development support
  • Empowerment support
  • Meetings which are helpful without being constrained by a particular format
  • Recognises and supports issues with advice, tools and techniques
  • Off-load sessions are welcome
  • Leaving support - we are sad when people leave but we will make sure they have the send off they want and our best wishes

Advocacy is not:

  • A hipster name for line management
  • About meeting corporate objectives/a box ticking exercise
  • A means to assess reward and recognition
  • A way to deal with issues by reinforcing corporate commitments
  • Capability and individual performance measurement
  • A way to assign extra tasks disguised as personal development
  • A forum to discuss pay - pay is personal so we have the "guardians of salary" - currently our leadership teams. Advocates and/or Account Leads can help arrange those conversations but are not involved in discussions


Advocate - A person who acts as an Advocate for one or more Infinity Works colleagues.

Advocatee - A person who has an Advocate.

Buddy Group - A group of Advocates who provide peer to peer support and guidance to each other to help ensure Advocacy is consistently done well.

Coach - A person who uses specific coaching skills and techniques to effectively help people figure out the answers for themselves. You don't need to be from the same background or area of expertise. "A coach has good questions for your answers".

Mentor - A person more experienced in the area of specialism that someone wishes to develop. A mentor can therefore share the benefit of their experience and knowledge with others, to help them follow that path. "A mentor has good answers for your questions".