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Welcome to the Infinity Works handbook!

This handbook gives a single place to find the information you need as a current or prospective member
of Infinity Works, including our culture and how we do things.

Looking for something specific?

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Want to read about our values, our engineering or design culture?

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Looking for our Delivery Quality reviews overview, or the DQ questions? Our Default Delivery Process is a great read too!

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Need to know how to get access to Accenture AWS, our AWS Sandbox or VPN? Login and look no further.

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We've written down what each of our roles means. These are a few of them: engineer, delivery lead.

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Mental Health

Our Mental Health Champions are here to create a safe, confidential and non-judgemental space to support you.

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School Of Tech Academy

A short course designed to take people from all backgrounds and with minimal experience, and help them to start a career as a software engineer. Learn about the School Of Tech and our Academies.